Titles for Scrapbooking

Hi everyone.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.

I have been busy making titles for a few swaps that I am in.  I really enjoy these swaps as I get to see the talents of others.

The first title I did was for a Grandparent’s Theme using primary colors.

Grandparent's Day

I sprayed it with iridescent glitter dust, but you can’t see it.  Too bad.  It really adds a charm to the piece.

Next, I made a title for the theme Friendship Day with neutral colors.  I am not sure that I used neutral colors, but that is really hard to do when you use  flowers.  And I really like the flowers so I kept them on the piece.

Friendship Day

I also used a gold glitter dust on this one.  You can see this a little bit better than the other one, it just doesn’t glitter in this picture as well as it does in person.

Finally, I did titles for National Dog and National Cat Day using the colors brown, yellow, red and green.  I have 5 dogs so this one was no problem.  I’m sure I will have no problem using the pieces that I get from this swap with all the pictures my daughter, Lucy, takes of her dog.  The cat on the other hand, well, we don’t have any, but my good friend Lynda loves cats and I’m sure she can find some pictures to go with this swap.  She will be surprised when I give it to her.

Cats & Dogs

All of the title patterns are from Miss Kate Cutables.  I just love her diecuts.  The swaps are due at the end of the month so I got my titles done in plenty of time.  Hope the others are hard at work on theirs.


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